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Green Dearth
24 Feb 2013
Well, armed with only a wee paintbrush and an affinity for boring repetitive tasks, I started work today on the vast acreages that make up Herman2’s side panels. Cue several hours of sanding, wiping down and painting. Actually, as with the original Herman, I found that, being white, the van needed two coats of paint to cover properly, so the above should probably read ”…cue several hours of sanding, wiping down and painting and painting again…”... [ Read More ]
Gloopy and Gloopier
23 Feb 2013
The intention today was to fibreglass over the patch under the windscreen, where the rain comes in and stops my mind from wandering, where it will go. Before that however, I decided to drain the fuel filters to see if it would help Herman2 show a bit more fighting spirit on hills. The astute reader will remember that I found him surprisingly sluggish and juddery on the gradients, on the way back from Wales.... [ Read More ]
Happy as a Sanding Boy
17 Feb 2013
Lots of fun and larks today, as I got down to the varied and interesting past-time that is sanding down rust patches to bare metal and then prepping them for painting with Vactan. What can I tell you, that would fully capture all the excitement and every subtle nuance of this exhilerating task? Well, sometimes my hand went forward, sometimes my hand went backwards and sometimes my hand made various circular movements.... [ Read More ]
Dripping and Ripping
17 Jul 2009
Another attempt to find the mysterious source of the indoor lake, which laps contentedly round the vast and lonely shores of Herman’s bleak passenger side footwell. Owing to the fact that LTs are notorious for leaking in at the corners of their windscreens, this looked the most likely candidate. However, unlike most LTs, Herman’s windscreen surround is pretty much rust free, which makes it difficult to spot anywhere that rain might be getting in.... [ Read More ]
Chips Away!
16 May 2009
This weekend, I decided to take on quite possibly the smallest job to date; namely fixing a wee chip in Herman’s windscreen. It’s only about half a cm long and not in the driver’s line of sight, so it wouldnae be an MOT failure, but every time I see that advert on the telly [I think it’s for some windscreen replacement company], where the guy drives over a bump and -with a loud ‘Crrrikkk!... [ Read More ]