The Volkswagen LT – Info

Wikipedia already has a pretty comprehensive page on the history of the Volkswagen LT, so there’s no point in me reproducing it here. Instead, I’ll use this page to jot down a few of the random pieces of info I’ve picked up along the way. It’s primarily intended as an aide-mémoire for myself but, hopefully, there might be a few useful nuggets there for the casual visitor, also.

Buying Gotchas

  • Leaking wheel cylinders on rear wheels.
  • Leaking rear hub oil seals [which dumps oil into the rear brake drums, giving similar symptoms to above]
  • Loose gearchange [worn balls in gear linkage].
  • Perished leak-off Pipes on injector plugs [diesel]. Air in fuel system.
  • Rust around bottom of windscreen [usually passenger side] & subsquently rain leaks around fusebox and pools under flooring.
  • Rust inside where floor meets walls.

Capacities, Pressures, Torques

  • Oil Change: –6l [without filter], 6,5l [with filter]
  • Tyre Pressure: 55psi [+/- 5 or 10psi, according to user taste]
  • Wheel Nuts: 250NM
  • Crank Bolt: 450NM [when changing cambelt]


  • Alternator Belt: 82cm x 1cm
    • Halford’s Part no. HB813A
  • Oil Filter
    • Fram Part no. PH4854
    • Eq. Part no.s: EOF054
  • Fuel Filter
    • Eq. Part no.s: Comline EFF018, P5328, KL180, WK851